Apple Worm


Inspired by the snake game, Apple Worm brings many tricky puzzles waiting for you to find the answer. Help the snake collect apples and go through the portal.

Nowadays, puzzle games are incredibly diverse. However, if you are a fan of educational puzzles in the form of mini-games, this game is perfect for you! Basically, you need to collect apples and practice logical thinking by solving puzzles with increasing difficulty in the game! So let's try to pass through the gaps in the maze and proceed to the portal.

Details in the game are quite simple, including worms, apples, mazes, and portals. At higher levels, there will be more stones. You will feel it is simple. However, dangerous traps are hidden behind the simple appearance. You can make a mistake at any time, making it impossible for the worm to continue. The cunning trap will make you spend more time playing this game over and over again. So try your best to pass the level.

Some outstanding features of Apple Worm

  • Free game with the full version of Apple Worm. You can play on any internet-connected device.
  • Many interesting levels, diverse difficulties: Up to 30 levels for you to try.
  • Easy controls: You do not need to use too many operations when playing the game.
  • Fun music: Every movement of the worm produces pleasant sounds. You will have more fun when participating in this game. It is very suitable for entertainment.
  • Unique graphics: The game has vivid images with bright colors. You will be immersed in this exciting game.

How to play

  • Use arrow keys to control.