Astrodud. IO


Astrodud. IO is a competitive io game. Your mission is to complete a series of hurdles with other online players and advance to the levels as high as possible.

This is the ideal game to play with friends and family. Competing with other players on the track is your main task. There are plenty of other online players joining you. You have to overcome them and be the first to reach the finish line. However, on the track, there are many different obstacles such as barriers, gyros, and moving statues. All of them will stand in your way towards the finish line. If you fall, it will take a few seconds to recover. So other players will get ahead of you. Try not to fall by the obstacle. If you fall too many friends, you will lose. Will you be eliminated or will you win? There are countless interesting and unique challenges that you can only find in this game.

You can invite your friends to participate by creating the party. The leaderboard will show your rank through each race. In addition, you can buy chests in the store and style your character with a variety of accessories such as hats, trails, backpacks, and skins.

Features of Astrodud. IO:

  • Multiplayer.
  • You can join online players, create a party that invites friends, or join a party created by a friend. Press the bottom right corner button.
  • The shop sells chests and cosmetics: free hourly chest, wooden chest, gold chest, diamond chest, epic chest, hat, hat, crown,
  • Sharp graphics, relaxing sound.

How to play:

  • Use WASD keys to control.
  • Use the mouse to look around.