Basketball Beans


Basketball Beans is an entertaining sports game. Your objective is to throw a ball into the basket and score more points than your opponents.

Cute beans come back and they will rock the basketball stadium. Are you ready for this? At the start of the game, you will be matched with a random player over the world. Your mission is to take control of the cute bean players to steal the ball from the hands of your opponents and throw it into the basketball of your opponent. If you can throw a ball into the basket successfully, you score one point. Keep in mind that each basketball match lasts only 1 minute. Therefore, you have to be fast to get more points than your opponents before the time is over in order to become the winner. You will be rewarded a lot of diamonds after getting a victory. Use the diamonds you earn to exchange various cute skins and basketballs in the store. Attempt to complete all tasks to get extra diamonds.

Don't hesitate! Click the Play button to play this game and have fun with cute beans. Featuring 3D graphics and multiplayer, this game will give you an opportunity to compete with many players from different countries over the world.

Features of Basketball Beans:

  • Many cute skins to unlock
  • Many tasks to complete
  • Simple controls
  • Multiplayer
  • Nice 3D graphics and energetic music tunes

How to play:

  • Use the mouse to play