Boxie Fly Up


Boxie Fly Up is an addictive running game in which you have to control a square to fly up while avoiding all obstacles and collecting gold coins.

Welcome to the world of flying squares. In this game, your character is a little square who owns a supernatural power, flying. Have you ever wished that you could fly? By starting Boxie Fly Up, you can make this dream come true. Your mission is to guide this boxie fly from left to right and from right to left. There are various obstacles and dangers on the two sides. Be careful. Avoid all collides if you don't want to die. The game race is infinite, so you can play freely until you die. Try to get the highest score!

The gameplay is simple and strange but challenging to play well. The obstacles can move and appear continuously. React quickly to overcome all dangers!

Features of Boxie Fly Up

  • Fun and addictice gameplay
  • Various obstacles
  • single player

How to play

  • Mouse click or touchscreen to control