Café Panic


Café Panic is an excellent café management game.

In order to succeed in this game, you must learn how to manage customer orders in a well-known coffee shop while trying to keep everyone happy.

You must collect each customer's order as they enter your store. Pay attention and don't get it incorrect since this will effect both their satisfaction and your tip!

Make sure to finish orders fast as well, or clients will lose patience.

Your customers' requests will get harder, but you'll also have more fun, as you advance and develop your reputation and can use new tools to serve them. You can even unlock new coffee shops throughout the world if you reach a particular stage! Have fun experimenting with coffee shop management to see if you have what it takes to be a success!


  • You have the choice of playing as a male or female character.
  • There are numerous levels, including bonus levels, to finish.
  • Upgradeable stuff and character
  • Unlock more shops around the world
  • Stamina system