Civilization is an amusing adventure game. In this game, you must start from ancient times and gradually advance to new eras by collecting all the resources.

In the game, you will collect all the resources you can see, then use them to build your base. The time you can search, explore, and build is not much. They are limited by the timer. Complete the mission before time runs out. This is a game that perfectly embodies the turn-based strategy game. You will participate in the game as an ancient person. You will get a partial understanding of the journey humans have gone through, from being small tribes on the steppe to becoming brilliant civilizations, and the final destination is to become a mighty nation. A new era will be opened under your hard work.

Unlike other conquest games, the game favors peace. There will not be any wars to conquer territory. You will have complete control over everything on the land reserved for you. Be a great explorer of mankind. You are a person who discovers new things and finds a new world for humanity. Join the game to take on the challenges together. Wish you complete all your quests and be able to build the modern era.

Features of Civilization:

  • Many new eras are waiting for you to explore.
  • New and varied missions.
  • There are many resources, including stone, iron, steel, food, fire, and wood.
  • Easy to control.

How to play:

  • Use the mouse to control.