Conflict Of Nations : World War 3


While your hand swings for the nuclear launch button, modern battle lead the assault, attack submarines scour the seas for lone carriers, and ace pilots rule the sky with stealth fighters. You may influence the global history in Conflict of Nations: World War 3!

Take command of one powerful country and deal with the most powerful threat of World War 3. Take control of resources, form alliances, and boost your economy. To become the dominant superpower on the earth, one must invest heavily in developing terrible weapons of mass devastation.

Intelligent alliances or merciless conquest, covert conflict or nuclear destruction? You have a choice: The armed might of the country is ready to obey your orders every day of the week, 24 hours a day. Are you prepared to assume command?

Conflict of Nations provides a vast playing surface, a plethora of military units, and countless avenues to victory for aficionados of realistic grand-strategy games. Start a game, make a plan, and in the days and weeks to come, command your forces to victory. In this addictive World War 3 game, rank up and take your spot among the top players.

Take part in the competition for the top strategic players on earth! Start World War 3 now and compete against live human opponents on maps of the contemporary world!


  • 100 or more human opponents per game
  • Units travel across the battlefield in real-time
  • And there are a ton of various maps and scenarios.
  • Actual military technology and apparatus
  • Huge research tree with more than 350 distinct unit kinds
  • There are three different doctrines: Western, European, and Eastern.
  • Terrain-based battle using radar, missiles, and stealth
  • Destructive nuclear and chemical weapons
  • Fresh material, updates, seasons, and events; a sizable community
  • And focused alliance gaming.