Cursed Treasure 1½


You must protect a hoard of cursed gems from an evil tyrant in the tower defense game Cursed Treasure 112. In order to stop the heroes from entering and stealing the tainted jewels, construct defense towers and utilize magic.

Build defense towers

Protect the Cursed Treasure from the virtuous invaders. Select one of the three available towers and place it in a strategic location on the map to prevent the thieves from taking the gems.

Amplify your force

You can employ the burning lasers, shooting huts, and hazardous boomerang towers. To increase the effectiveness of these structures, improvements can be made regularly.

Use powerful black magic

You can build more towers by using your powers to destroy trees. There are a variety of enemies, including ninjas and angels, and each one of them has special abilities. Angels are able to fly, ninjas are dexterous, etc.

Put an end to theft everywhere.

Cursed Treasure 112 has a series of levels rather than an endless survivor mode. After finishing a level, skill points can be used to increase your magic, gold, and experience permanently.

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  • Build towers to kill the heroes before they reach the cursed treasure in the game.
  • Magically remove forests, fortify towers, and fire meteors.
  • Use skill points to buy durable improvements in the skill tree.
  • Defeat 15 difficult levels.