Doors: Paradox


Doors: Paradox is a soothing diorama puzzle game with an escape that will keep you entertained for more than 5 hours!

Zula, an exceptional time-travel guide, is with you as you travel through an unknown portal to a pleasant forest, a fertile desert oasis, and finally the future.

The objective is always the same: just solve the riddles, unlock the doors, and move on to the next thrilling location. Just be careful not to get lost because the area is huge and filled with old mysteries.


  • Difficult puzzles: With a variety of puzzles suitable for all ability levels, you can practice your problem-solving abilities.
  • A proverbial old story: Gather every scroll to reveal the Doors world's history.
  • A beautiful soundtrack: Wide and lively music that seamlessly blends in.
  • Magical soundtrack: We sincerely hope you enjoy Doors as much as we did while creating it.