Drop Guys: Knockout Tournament


Join Drop Guys: Knockout Tournament with cute chicks. Control the chicken to overcome countless obstacles and become one of the first to the finish line.

A hazardous challenge with many obstacles is waiting for you. The character you transform into is a lovely chick. This chick will join the race with its countless other friends. However, along the way, it will face many different dangers. The rollers are spinning, so you need to control the chick to help it jump over them. Besides, there are also doorways with high barriers. In addition, unfixed obstacles prevent you from reaching the finish line. Use your super skills to become the winner and reach the finish line safely.

Each level will have different race tracks with various shapes of obstacles. As a result, you will experience a super cool race track among chickens. You can join this great game with your friends. Can you be one of the first to cross the finish line? Have fun and good luck.

The shop of Drop Guys: Knockout Tournament.

In the store, there are many cute characters. Use the money you earn to buy them. Each character has its color and shape, all of which are eye-catching. However, there are some characters, and you have to unlock the requested level to select them. Some cute characters include Little Eyes, Green Chick, Chips Cock, Star Cock, Black Face Cock, and so on.

How to play

  • Use the mouse to lock.
  • WASD keys to move.
  • Space to jump.