Fall Cars: Ultimate Knockout Race


Fall Cars: Ultimate Knockout Race is an exciting racing game. You have to control a mini truck to compete with other players and reach the finish line first.

By participating in this game, you can experience an unlocked 3D platform world where you have to fight with various players. In each match, you are matched randomly with other players. Control your mini truck. There are various levels with unique maps, challenges, and traps. Are you worried if you can overcome all obstacles when the number of them is giant and move over all places? This is not a problem because you will not die if you meet collides or are blocked. You have many opportunities to continue your races. However, you should reach the finish line in the shortest time to get the highest score.

Features of Fall Cars: Ultimate Knockout Race

  • Exciting racing game
  • Colorful graphics and great art animations
  • Various obstacles and maps

Release Date

  • Feb 10 2022

How to play

  • Use Arrow Keys to play game.