Falling Beans Ultimate Knockout


Falling Beans Ultimate Knockout is an exciting running game in which you have to run and overcome all obstacles and other players to get the mission of level.

Welcome to the world of running in the colorful race! Are you an enthusiast of the running game? This game is suitable for you to play in your free time. In specially, you can invite your friends or relatives to play together to connect with surrounding people.

Your mission is to run and complete the task on the top-right screen. Usually, your task is to become one of the top three people on the leaderboard. Therefore, try to become three players who reach the finish line first. Note that there are various obstacles. These obstacles move continuously and can lead to bad consequences, such as the main reason making you out of top players. Be careful!

Features of Falling Beans Ultimate Knockout

  • Attractive running game
  • Vivid graphics and art animations
  • Level up

Release Date

  • Feb 10 2022

How to play


  • WASD-move
  • Mouse-control directions


  • Buttons