Frozen Rush


A video game called Frozen Rush is based on the plot of the well-known Walt Disney animated movie "Frozen." The game begins in the Kingdom of Arendelle at the top of a snowy mountain.

Exercising the game

You need to press the blue arrow button to start the game.
You can halt the video at any time by pressing the pause button, which is in the upper right corner.


The movement of your character picks up speed. You have the most influence over anything else your character does.
Press the up arrow key to enter the game immediately. Characters often press Enter to summon their magical powers. Anna is the only character who can jump and activate a special power using the same button. You can use the up arrow twice or the left mouse button twice to perform her amazing double jump.

Enter to make Kristoff swing his ice axe, Elsa build an air bridge, or Olaf roll into tight spots.
In addition, the game's introduction, help files, and usually, a mini-tutorial showcasing a character's moves are supplied when you acquire new characters.

At the entry level

Use the up arrow to jump over obstacles and pits as Anna moves with your help. If she runs into a wall or falls into a pit, the game is finished.To collect the crystals and snowflakes, jump through them. As you gather more snowflakes, you may buy more upgrades.
Make use of your special abilities to collect crystals. Anna is able to jump twice as high. To leap twice, press the jump button twice.
Earn style points by holding down the jump button.
The trolls will direct you to crystals. Follow their directions. As you collect crystals, you'll see a scoreboard that shows how many you've already collected.
Troll magic allows you to temporarily become invulnerable. For instance, if you hop across the troll magic, you can break through ice barriers without losing the round.
At the end of each level, you will see your score and the total number of crystals you have collected. A new character will occasionally become available.
In Level 2, you have the choice of playing Kristoff.
Kristoff can break through ice, which is his special talent. Press the enter key as soon as you get to the ice. Alternatively, you can choose Anna by hitting the arrow scroll button.
You can also choose to enhance each character's abilities. Click the plus sign (+) by each of their traits to make a purchase. The traits are troll magic, snow magnet, and tumble speed. You can raise your score by completing the tasks listed at the start of each level. For example, Anna earns extra points for doing three tumbling jumps.
Olaf can be accessed at Level 4's opening. Olaf can roll along the ground to fit into narrow spaces. Press the enter key to aid him in rolling down into tight areas.
You can choose previous characters to play by pressing the arrow scroll button. Elsa becomes available once you reach Level 6. With her ice magic, Elsa can create bridges in the air. Create an airborne bridge by pressing the enter key on your keyboard.
To choose previous characters to play, press the arrow scroll button.
The game's Endless Mode is accessible once you reach level 6.
Once you complete the last obstacle on Level 12, you can find Grand Pabbie!
You can unlock him once you have collected all of the crystals throughout all of the levels.
Each level has three crystals for each character.
Visit the character selection page once you have unlocked a level to check how many crystals you have amassed for each character. A character's crystal type will be seen on the overview map if they possess all three crystals for that level. Kristoff is green, Olaf is blue, Elsa is purple, and Anna is pink.