Fruit Legions Monsters Siege


A terrible conflict once erupted in a mystical, tranquil region where talking plants and creatures from fairy tales lived. In Fruit Legions Monsters Siege, are you prepared to bring harmony and order back?

Show your value, intellect, and skill as a seasoned warrior since the plants have made the decision to arm themselves with their seeds and hardy fruits to protect their land from the perilous invasion! As you combine identical plants to boost their performance with the advantages you acquire from each death, you must demonstrate your guts and reaction abilities to put an end to this difficult fight. Put defense towers in key locations on the map to block their path toward your kingdom's walls. Good luck!

How to play Fruit Legions Monsters Siege?

The plants will become stronger with each merger. With the cash and jewels they have earned, the player can buy more plants, unlock new plant species, and buy a variety of enhancements. The player must be sure to maintain the Fruit Legion's strength because each new wave of opponents will be marginally stronger than the previous one.