Fruit Ninja


Fruits are thrown into the air in the game Fruit Ninja, and the player's goal is to slice the fruits before they touch the ground.


In Fruit Ninja, the player slices through fruits with a blade operated by a touchscreen. By slicing the fruit in two with his finger while gliding it over the screen, the player throws the fruit. Players will earn extra points if they can split multiple fruits with a single cut and use additional fingers to make multiple slices at once.

The game has numerous modes

  • When playing in Classic mode, the game is ended after three misses.
  • When the score is doubled by 100, the player does, however, get an extra life (unless they haven't missed any).
  • On sometimes, bombs will be thrown, and the game will finish if they are sliced.
  • In Zen mode, the player has 90 seconds and is not restricted by explosives.
  • In the arcade mode, there are extra bananas that may be used to double points (Double Points), increase the number of fruits that need to be bounced (Frenzy), or slow down and close the fruit during the player's allotted 60 seconds.
  • Time tape only lasted a brief period of time (Freeze).

The Multi-slice Pomegranate always occurs at the end of each level when playing in Arcade mode and occasionally appears in Classic form.
There is also a rare, 50-point dragon fruit that only appears in Classic mode. The game has leaderboard and multiplayer modes.