Geometry Dash Lite


Play Geometry Dash Lite to embark on fresh, exhilarating journeys. Control your character to navigate perilous challenges and difficult routes to victory.

Welcoming you to the Geometry Dash Lite game, where thrilling races await! The newest installment of the well-known Geometry Dash series is this game. Have you previously played this game? Start playing this game right away to learn new running game techniques. This game has a ton of all-new features that are exclusive to it.

Your goal in this game is to direct your character to avoid hitting obstacles. If you run into one of the barriers, the game will end. Along the road, there are numerous challenges to overcome. You can walk up tall walls or jump over spikes. Blocks might be hazardous as well. Your character will break once it collides with them. Your character will break once it collides with them.You need not worry if you are not an expert at this running game. There is no limit to how many times you may play this game. Additionally, the practice mode is available for you to use.

Geometry Dash

When considering online running games, Geometry Dash will always come up first. With simple controls and striking graphics, it is an engaging running game that let players enjoy unique experiences. Fans and new players alike are always impressed by the Geometry Dash game's vibrant neon graphics when they play it for the first time. Play this game right away to pass the time!

The innovative version of the Geometry Dash game is, as you may know, Geometry Dash Lite. You might discover some parallels and differences between these two games after playing this volume. Players can have fascinating adventures in both of these games. Use your character to avoid perilous obstacles while competing in thrilling races. The game's difficulty will be divided into distinct modes. Your character can be controlled in a similar manner. It is simple to control with a mouse or spacebar. The Geometry Dash series is known for its many similarities.

But the distinction is also very noticeable. You may explore brand-new maps with brand-new roadways in Geometry Dash Lite. There are no duplicate maps. As a result, if you play this fun game, you'll always feel great and never get bored. Due to its appeal, difficulty, and novelty, this game has attracted a large number of players from around the world thanks in part to the variety of maps. You get additional skins in the Geometry Dash Lite game. The unique quality is self-design. For your character, you can select colors and effects.

Various features of the Geometry Dash Lite

Character Select

In this fun game, there are 7 different characters. There are six of them: the Cube, Ball, UFO, Wave, Robot, and Spider. You must pass through the appropriate portals in order for these characters to appear. Portals will be located at unexpected locations in the game. These characters all move in distinctive ways.

  • The movement of the cube figure will depend on the game's slope. While jumping, your character will rotate.
  • A flying ship character will be used. To make the ship fly to the top or the bottom, you must click. When released, it will fly to the top.
  • The Ball character moves exactly how the Ball character does. Additionally, the Ball will slide down the game's incline.
  • The following flying character is the UFO character. This character is controlled by clicking while in the air.
  • A unique character with a zigzag flying style is called the wave character. The distinctiveness of this feature is a result of their distinctive movement.
  • On the ground, robot characters will behave like other robots. To make the character jump, click.
  • Characters in spider movies move like spiders. This person will move around on the ground by using his legs.

Additionally, each character has a variety of skins. For the Cube and Ship characters, respectively, you can select from 148 and 51 different skins. Each skin can also be colored. There are 96 different hues in the color palette, which is very diverse.

Another unique feature of this game is the effect it has on your character. Following the game's seven major characters, there are two areas where you can customize your movement and death effects.

Modes of Play

This game features 15 different game types. Each mode has a variety of difficulty settings. You may determine the complexity of a mode by looking at the amount of stars in the upper right corner. A mode's difficulty rises as its number of stars increases. Some of the featured modes include Dry Out, Base After Base, Back On Track, Stereo Madness, and Stereo Madness. In addition, the list of game modes includes a wide variety of variations. Can you master every mode? For the chance to win, you must finish each mode entirely. Try to overcome as many obstacles as you can to earn amazing accomplishments!


You face a lot of fun tasks in this game. Each challenge has a title and an accomplishment that go with it. The Trophy Section on the Main Menu contains a list of the ongoing challenges. There are many accomplishments you can complete. Here are some highlighted achievements you can obtain. On My Way can be defeated in Practice mode and Back On Track in Normal mode, and Stereo Madness can be finished in both Practice mode and Normal mode.

Additionally, you can add some other features to this game. In the Setting section, you can follow Rate, How To Play, Music, and SFX. Set them to the mode that is most practical for you. Also, after playing this running game, you may view your stats. There are 14 stats, including total jump, total attempts, stars, diamonds, and orbs acquired as well as completed levels, online levels, demon levels, daily levels, secret coins, users coins, complete map packs, linked levels, and rated levels .