Hero Tower Wars


Are you prepared to participate in the stickman war? Build the brave epic hero who vanquishes the enemy in the war of heroes by gathering your heroes with a cunning plan and commanding them to become a powerful army.

You are about to enter a hostile environment filled with numerous obstacles. Drag your heroic hero across the map to gain abilities that will help him take down strong foes and save the princess. After a battle, gather heroes, riches, skins, etc., and construct your tower. A great tower puzzle game is Hero Tower Wars. It combines puzzle, action, and strategy games with combat. To make Hero Tower Wars a fantastic experience for all players, we drew on the greatest materials from several game genres.
Experience the huge strategy tower puzzle game by downloading Hero Tower Wars for free. In this grand strategic conflict, we will be waiting for you.


  • Tactic RPG
  • Use your hero's movement skillfully to level up, gather treasure, defeat enemies, and save the princess.
  • Leveling up, upgrading skills, combining them with others, and making them legendary are all ways to create strong heroes.
  • Become legendary and create your magnificent castle.


  • Endless levels to conquer
  • Gorgeous graphics and a variety of setting
  • A variety of accessories and castle-building supplies
  • Regular missions, difficult quests, etc.