Idle Survival


Currently, our Earth is suffering from many different threats caused by climate change such as sea level rise, floods, droughts, epidemics... For that reason, Humanity is trying to find a way to survive in this harsh situation. And this is also the topic that an online game called Idle Survival has exploited.
Island Survival is an idle simulation game on the mobile platform, where players will run a community trying to gather food and resources to survive on a deserted island.
Starting with just a little food and resources, gamers will have to find a way to build and develop the island to become bustling and bustling.
Basically, this is an idle game, so gamers do not need a controller, but the character will actively exploit and collect resources (wood, stone) and food.
Players can upgrade buildings to increase the labor productivity of island residents
In Islands, you can build boats to go to other larger islands, more abundant resources.


  • The game is completely free on https://lolbeans.online
  • The gameplay is hands-free and idle, so gamers do not lose much time and effort
  • Idle Survival is designed with a vertical screen, so gamers do not need to rotate the screen when playing