Keeper of the Grove 3


Keeper of the Grove 3 is returning! You must protect the priceless jewels in the third game of this tower defense series from hostile creeps seeking to steal them. Build defenses around the path so that they will automatically guard the map against theft. Additionally, you ought to try to upgrade them so that they are more effective in battle.

Only carefully considered strategies and carefully chosen warriors will be able to do this. You must assemble your own army. You have a variety of fighters at your disposal, including the Iron Man, who will save you with fire, the Water Dragon, who will guard you with water magic, and Octopus, a warrior from a distance. You will be rewarded with money for each enemy that is vanquished. Use them in Keeper of the Grove 3 gameplay to expand your army, hire new soldiers, and improve existing ones.


  • Space: speed up/ down
  • Enter: start the wave
  • Esc: pause