Merge Cakes


By mixing the identical Merge Cakes, you can unlock more than 40 bonus lovely cakes, new recipes, and higher level cakes. Additionally, the game continues to play even while you are offline, so coming back is always beneficial!

Ravalmatic developed the Merging Cakes casual merge game. This addictive game grows and envelops you in a wave of satisfaction based on the core premise that matching two cakes of the same type will produce an upgraded cake. Unexpected gifts, paid commercials to improve those gifts, upgraded cakes that may be bought, new, exotic recipes, secret bakeries, and much more are all to be found.Along with all of this, the game keeps running even when you are offline, making sure that rewards are always ready for you when you return. Are you ready for this delicious journey?

Unique point

  • Super cute pictures
  • You will discover many new cakes after each upgrade
  • Simple and unique gameplay