Microsoft Jigsaw


Microsoft created the puzzle game Microsoft Jigsaw. You can choose and complete jigsaw puzzles with varying degrees of difficulty from numerous collections in this game.

What to Do

Select an intriguing puzzle theme in Microsoft Jigsaw to get going. There are puzzle collections centered on a variety of topics, including people, places, animals, and natural wonders.

Set the difficulty level to somewhere between easy and hard, then begin connecting the dots! Once you've started, a number of controls are available to help you. The "eye" icon lets you see the entire scene, the "arrange" button lets you rearrange the puzzle pieces, and the "padlock" icon lets you lock the view.

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  • Three difficulty modes for every level of player
  • There are several assistance buttons to aid in problem completion.
  • Choose from a variety of puzzle themes quickly from the menu.
  • Simple search engine for locating the ideal puzzle