Mr. Herobrine


Mr. Herobrine is a dramatic shooting game. Your task is to use a bow to shoot down enemies to survive and collect as many gold coins as possible.

In this game, you will transform into the hero of the whole village. The bad guys are coming and invading your village. You need to use your archery skills to defeat all of them. They will continuously attack you and make you lose your life as quickly as possible. So you also have to find out the right strategy to defeat all of them in a flash. In addition, they are very cunning when using shields. You will have to shoot at them more to have a chance to win. Proper aiming, mainly at enemies' heads, will help you kill them faster. Other obstacles also cause you to face death. Walls block enemies, and stray weapons can take your life. Shoot them down before they reach you.

After each win, you will receive a bonus amount corresponding to your merit. This amount will be exchanged for diamonds and turned into your transaction fees. The shop will help you equip clothes and hats and upgrade your bow to become stronger. Let's join the game.

Game mode of Mr. Herobrine:

Normal mode: You will fight other enemies controlled by the system. In this mode, you will face a lot of enemies.

2 Player Mode: In this mode, you will join with another person and test your archery skills. Shoot continuously at the opponent to determine the winner.

Features of Mr. Herobrine:

  • There are two modes for you to select.
  • There are many levels to try.
  • The shop sells character clothes and hats, and you can upgrade your bow.
  • Sharp graphics and vivid sound.

How to play:

  • Use the mouse to play.