Om Nom Connect Christmas


Om Nom Connect Christmas: What is it?

Om Nom Connect Christmas is the ideal holiday game since it mixes puzzle games with the famous cut the rope character that the series popularized, but with a winter cheer twist, so you can use it to spend these special days both challenging and unwinding yourself.

Connect Om Nom with his gifts so he can have the best Christmas!

Find pairs of at least two identical characters or objects with the mouse. As long as they are close to one another, you can use the mouse to draw a line between them to connect them, which gets you points and eliminates them.

Try connecting a lot of things before the level's allotted time runs out to receive a lot of points; if you get enough of them, you can move on to the next level.

Additionally, you have a shuffle button and a button that will help you discover the pairs when no more moves are possible. However, since there are only a limited amount of these helpers, try to use them sparingly.

Start having fun right away, and don't stop just yet- it would be a pity if you didn't keep watching our fantastic stuff, especially around the holidays!