Om Nom Connect Classic


Om Nom Connect Classic new colorful adventure need your assistance, Om Nom and buddies! Assist Om Nom in gathering his buddies so they can enjoy the goodies together. You will need to combine like adorable monsters or candies to remove them from the board in order to accomplish this. Are you prepared to assist Om Nom and his companions in obtaining the best possible score?


You must be cautious to locate the best position to connect the monsters because they are now obstructing one another. But don't worry, Om Nom has fantastic perks to support you in challenging circumstances! To totally mix the placement of monsters and sweets on the board, use the Om Nom shuffle or a magnifying glass to quickly determine what monster combinations are available.

Playing Om Nom Connect: Classic: How Do I?

A cute puzzle game called Om Nom Connect: Classic. To remove characters or fruit from the board before time runs out, connect two identical pieces of fruit together to form links. A hint button is available if you get stuck.

Gaming controls

To join similar items or characters, use the left click.