Rabbids Volcano Panic


Rabbids Volcano Panic is an exciting arcade game in which you have to control your rabbit to run and avoid falling into the lava while collecting coins.

Welcome to the world of entertainment where you can experience superb adventures with a cute rabbit! In this game, your mission is to control a lovely rabbit to compete with other players.

  • Don't fall into the lava.
  • Run towards the tile edge to jump.
  • Watch your shadow for landing.
  • Beware of collapsing tiles.

You have to perform all these principles if you don't want to lose. Remember to collect coins on your race to buy new costumes. Besides that, you can see some secret boxes in the air. Gather them to get special items in boxes.

In this game, you will fight other gamers. Try to survive last and gain the first rank!

Features of Rabbids Volcano Panic

  • Fun and exciting arcade game
  • Multiplayer
  • Collect coins to unlock new costumes
  • Unlock secret boxes to get special items

How to control

Drag your mouse or use arrow keys