Ragdoll Fall


Ragdoll Fall is a fun endless arcade game in which you have to jump on platforms to get points while avoiding saws to get the highest score. Have fun!

The gameplay is so simple but hard to master. Your mission is only to click or tap to control your character to jump from one platform to another platform. However, you need to avoid deadly obstacles on platforms such as saws. If you touch dangerous objects or fall out of the platform, you will lose. The platforms are different in size, length, and distance to each other. Besides that, the dangerous object often appears unpredictably. As a result, you need to have exact and fast reflexes to complete the races and achieve the highest score. Your score will be recorded after the match to follow your advancement.

Features of Ragdoll Fall

  • Exciting game based on the running theme
  • Endless race with various platforms
  • Record your highest score

Release Date

  • Jul 21 2021

How to play

  • Use mouse if you play on your pc
  • Tap if you play on phone.