Rainbow Rocket Ninja


Draw the path of the blue ninja to help him defeat all the foes in this enjoyable action game, Rainbow Rocket Ninja! Enjoy this brand-new game for nothing. You have the chance to become the master of all ninjas while controlling a small blue ninja with the deadly speed of a rocket.
Without the need for cunning, you can kill your target with any weapon. You move quickly when you have a knife. You behave like a professional sniper with a gun.What should you do as a ninja with a rocket on his back?
  • Draw the rocket's trajectory with your finger to move the ninja closer to the adversary.
  • Wooden boxes and switches can interact, but not all of them are healthy for you.
  • Not all foes will remain motionless for your slash; consider their vision.


PC controls: Use the mouse to draw and attack Mobile and Tablet Controls: Tap on the screen to draw and attack.