Slope Ball


Slope Ball is an interesting running game where your task is to control the character to complete the challenge and go to the following levels.

The game allows you to role-play a round ball. The speed of the ball will increase gradually as you go further and further away. If you not highly focus, you will quickly be eliminated from the game at any time. At first, you can consider that it is probably a straightforward game with not too tricky challenges. But that is a fatal mistake that everyone encounters when playing. This game is challenging to make you have a headache to avoid making even the slightest mistake. Do not think that controlling a ball is easy because if you are just a little slow and do not know how to avoid obstacles, you will have to stop at that point. Be the smart one to control the ball over the obstacles and pass the level. There are maps with different levels for you to try. The characters are also very diverse and have cute shapes.

Choose your favorite character and start the game. Exciting lines are waiting for you to take part. Can you unlock all the levels? Good luck.

Features of Slope Ball:

  • There are five different maps.
  • Can select characters with cute shapes.
  • The difficulty of the game can be adjusted.
  • Single-player.

How to play:

  • Use the mouse left button or press the spacebar/ the up arrow key to jump.