Snail Bob 6: Winter Story


Grab your coat because Snail Bob 6: Winter Story will take you on a tour through the winter. For his Christmas present, Snail Bob did not anticipate a ransom note, but it appears that Grandpa Snail has been kidnapped. Bob needs to don his winter coat and set out on a new adventure. You'll experience a selection of gorgeous levels with a winter theme that features icy obstacles and chilling traps in Bob's sixth mission. Can you help Snail Bob solve the tricky puzzles so he can release his grandfather? Don't fall and trip over anything!

Christmas ought to be a happy and joyous time of year. a time that you spend with friends and family. But in Snail Bob's life, odd things frequently occur, and this holiday is no exception. Like in the other games in this incredible puzzle-filled series, you must guide Snail Bob through 25 exhilarating levels. To give Snail Bob a safe path, you must solve a range of issues on each level. Each level requires Bob to face a variety of challenges. There are a lot of buttons, levers, and moving platforms during Bob's journey. Are you able to figure out how to use the doors, elevators, and Bob's surroundings to avoid the perilous traps and ravenous predators? Each level contains these challenging aspects in addition to three hidden stars. Try to locate and gather every one of them to gain access to the mini-games. You must gather all of the stars to access these bonus levels, so keep an eye out for them.

Snail Bob will take you along on every dangerous journey. He's been through a lot of incredible things. Here, you can access all of the Snail Bob games. Have you played Bob's prior journey, Snail Bob 5: Love Story?


  • To complete, there are 25 levels.
  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • Enjoyable puzzles to solve
  • Turn on four more levels.


Use your mouse to interact with the things scattered across each level. You can control Snail Bob by pressing 1, accelerate him by pressing 2, and stop him by hitting the space bar.