Snow Rider


Snow Rider is designed based on the idea of Christmas. You will ride a sleigh on the snowy mountain to avoid giant snowmen, rolling snowballs, and big trees.

This game allows you to slide down a giant mountain and the main target is to avoid obstacles and collect as many presents as possible. You need to be extremely careful while sledding because there are obstacles all throughout the area.

You must make sure to jump over and leap over them to avoid hitting them. Try to get as far as possible while collecting gifts to buy sleighs. By gathering numerous gifts along the way, you can unlock additional sleighs if you want to have more than ten sleighs. How far can you go, and how many gifts can you collect? Will large tree stumps and countless other obstacles discourage you? Let's join the game to test your skills. Good luck.

Tips to win Snow Rider

The game is not difficult to play, but it takes a lot of concentration to improve or even master. Before you begin playing, you must have a thorough understanding of all the regulations.

Learn from your mistakes, and then you can easily accumulate hands-on experiences and skills in order to become a professional player.

This game needs eye-hand coordination, so it's a perfect way to assess your speed. You need to focus on some recommendations, pointers, and even navigation to control and enhance it.

How to play

  • The Up arrow key to jump.
  • The Left arrow key to steer left.
  • The Right arrow key to steer right.