Snowball War: Space Shooter


In the video game Snowball War: Space Shooter, a tiny spacecraft is looking for extraterrestrial life. All of a sudden, a snowball storm begins to surround you. Let's travel back to Earth in your spacecraft to celebrate Christmas after a long cosmic journey. You are in a space storm and big dangerous snowballs are coming at you. While evasive maneuvers can be utilized to save the ship, turrets can be used to protect the crew. Move your spaceship to shoot the snowballs up and avoid hitting them. Your ship can be upgraded by accumulating bonuses. Make reparations for the damage you incurred and try to depart the cursed area.

Space game with a holiday theme

Bosses and levels in scrolling shooters are frequently preplanned and placed in specific locations. The eventual goal of this game, which is to accumulate a high score, is infinity. It stands out from other games like it because of the unusual Christmas-themed environment. Despite the wintery aspects, it has some intriguing mechanics:

  • Every destructible object has a specified maximum number of strikes it can withstand.
  • Higher values will divide into two or more, making them more difficult to kill.
  • The player's ship must be manually repaired when it sustains damage.

Each pilot is given three lives at the start of the session. The round concludes and restarts when they run out. Before dying, eliminate as many assailants as you can to advance each time.

How to Play Snowball War: Space Shooter Game

To fire continually, click and hold the left mouse button. Strike left and right while dodging approaching bullets by dragging the pointer. The health value of the target decreases with each bullet strike. Continue shooting after letting enormous snowballs land on the ground and bounce back. Rapidly click on the spaceship to perform emergency maintenance until the spacecraft is able to move once again.

It can be exhausting to get ready for the new year's celebration. The mood of the season is also not helped by staring at a screen all day. To set the mood, start a no-cost game of Snowball War: Space Shooter. Enjoy its humorous idea and fun gameplay without interfering with the celebrations. The visually pleasing content will motivate you to cheer up.