Squid Assassin


The famous Korean series is the inspiration for Squid Assassin where you transform into the main character. You have to find the exit before you are killed.

When the Korean series become well-known over the world, many games with the same title appear. Squid Assassin is an outstanding game with crowded players. In this game, you are the main character in the series and your task is to get away from a dangerous area. However, you have to face many difficulties like the killer babies and worker characters. You have no choice but to fight with them. Be careful of the guns that can hurt you. When you attack the killer babies or worker characters, do it from their backs. You can change the features of the character and power up if you unlock them. Moreover, you can change your outfit when you earn enough diamonds.

Let's play Squid Assassin to become the main character and fight with the bad guy.

Features of Squid Assassin

  • Many players enjoy this game.
  • Collecting the diamonds by killing the enemies.
  • Music and sound effection are cool.

How to control

Click the mouse or touch the screen to move to the destination and kill the enemies.