Stair Run Online 2


Stair Run Online 2 is a running game in which you have to control a character to compete with another player by collecting stairs and overcoming obstacles.

Welcome to the next volume of the Stair Run series, Stair Run Online 2! This version is the new running game based on the stair run game series with new features. Do you want to know what it is? Let's start this game and experience it!

In this game, you also run and collect stairs on your way to store energy. When facing obstacles, you have to tap or click your mouse to build stairs and overcome obstacles. If you build stairs that are not enough tall, you will fall and the game will end. Be careful!

Besides, this game adds some new features with power boosters and opponents. You will compete with an enemy instead of running alone. When you gather enough stairs in your bag, you will own a power booster to help you fly thanks to a rocket.

Features of Stair Run Online 2

  • Simple and competitive gameplay
  • Easy controls
  • Unlock new skins
  • Collect stairs on your way

How to control

Click your mouse.