Stumble Boys Match


Stumble Boys Match is a competitive running game. You can play many mini-games, but the main task is to run fast to complete them excellently.

You will transform into a stickman and join different challenges in each small game. Each game has various goals, and you must run fast to complete the task. For example, in the game Guess. Your mission is to run into the cells with the required image. The screen in front of your character will show different fruit images, then they will disappear. To avoid falling, you must keep in mind the location of that fruit and stand in the appropriate cell. Running too slowly will prevent you from standing in the correct square. In addition, the Fall minigame is also quite interesting. There are different floors of the tower. However, on each floor, the bricks will fall gradually. Your task is to run to the space where the bricks have not been dropped. The winner will be the one who has survived the longest. There are also many exciting minigames with tough challenges for you to experience.

Buy more new skins for your character by collecting as many gold coins as possible. After each victory, you will receive gold coins and crowns. Complete the tasks in the plan section to accumulate bonuses.

Features of Stumble Boys Match:

  • There are many mini-game for you to pass.
  • There are many mini-game with different challenges to try.
  • The shop sells many new skins that can buy by coins.
  • Complete the goals in the Plan section to get more thousand coins or new skins. Rewards are based on how hard you do the task.

How to play:

  • Use the WASD to move.
  • Use the Space bar to jump.