Sumo. IO


Sumo. IO is inspired by a Japanese sport. Your mission is to push the others out of the playing field and become the last person standing there.

The game rules are very simple. You must push your opponent out of the arena and fall into the water. After that, you will be increased in size. Once you have increased the size, it is straightforward to knock down the rest of the people because you will have a significant advantage. In addition, you will fight with others randomly assigned to the same match as you. Try to be the strongest.

Some tips for you

The others are cunning people trying to trap you by making you push them too hard, and you will fall out. So be careful with people standing near the edge of the playing field because they are trying to create traps for you. Create a similar trap to make your opponent fall into the water.

With opponents more giant than you, the direct push is not the best way. Instead, use an intelligent strategy to make them lose without your direct action.

The game modes in Sumo. IO

Two game modes are Classic mode and Epic mode.

  • In Classic mode, you will play against other opponents on a stage that has many different shapes and often has small holes. They make players more likely to fall if they are not paying attention.
  • In Epic mode, the field will be circular, and there will be no holes. The possibility of falling will decrease. However, you will have a more challenging time creating traps for your opponent to fall into.

How to play

  • Use arrow keys or WASD to control.