Urban Stack


With the aid of your unrivaled stacking abilities, create stunning cities using Urban Stack! Consider your floor placement before lowering the roof to reveal a brand-new structure for your ideal metropolis! Show the world how to create heaven on earth by meticulously planning every element of your city, offering your residents bakeries, posh restaurants, and historic temples!
It is your responsibility to develop and maintain a city as the owner of a lovely piece of land near the sea. Starting with the bare necessities for your populace, you can gradually develop more services and social amenities. In the construction portion, your building talents are extremely important. Build your structure floor by floor, attempting to maintain the integrity of the entire structure. Keep the pieces from moving too far or your structure will crumble. Place the pieces as precisely as possible to reach the target percentage and open up new constructions. To add landscaping to your lands, keep track of how many inhabitants you have at the city screen, complete achievements, and collect rewards. Re-visit your older structures to increase their percentages and extend an invitation to additional people to settle in your community. Let's check out your constructing skills!


  • Luminous and vibrant backdrops
  • Reflexes and motor abilities improvement
  • Unlocked accomplishments
  • Accessible via mobile


You can use your mouse to play this game.