Virtual Families: Cook Off


There is no doubt that Harry and Camilla have eliminated their positions. Do you think you could help them with Virtual Family: Cooking?

After recently passing away, Camilla's grandfather left them his mansion. Their ideal house is here!

Unfortunately, a cowardly attorney is demanding they pay a sizable fee before they can move in and begin remodeling it. They were determined to make a killing with their backyard food truck in order to cover the expense.

In your time management game, you can assist Harry and Camilla in passing the time while they eat delectable meals including pizza, burgers, sushi, cupcakes, and more!

In this entertaining culinary game, they will have to organize their jobs at the grocery cart along with other restoration projects they are also working on. As they earn bonuses and progressively accumulate the funds required to pay the attorney, assist them in maintaining client satisfaction and repairing aging properties.

Playing Virtual Family: Cooking: How Do I?

Join Harry and Camilla in this simulation game as they work to accumulate the funds necessary for their transfer into her grandfather's old mansion. While they work on a number of restoration projects and at their food cart, they will require your assistance.

Game Controls

  • USE THE MOUSE to navigate the menus and look for items and tools.
  • LEFT CLICK to use them and make various choices.

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