Worlds Builder


Worlds Builder, a game about alchemy, mastering natural forces, constructing worlds, building, investigating, and trading, will appeal to players of all backgrounds and interests. Unrestrictedly design the world of your dreams!

You are a renowned world-maker, and you hold the enigmatic power of antiquity's alchemy. You will harness natural forces as the god and ruler of the new world to divide the land from the waters and start evolution.

Build homes, farms, and workshops, create new lands, mountains, and forests, and learn about new technology. Start with a tiny mining community that has a sawmill and a few mines. Develop it into a prosperous metropolis bounded by thick woodlands, brilliant wheat fields, and azure rivers.

Invite and educate newcomers who will help you and expand your economy. Set up trade caravans and commercial ships with the necessary equipment. Your orders will be met by brave explorers who are eager to set forth in search of fabled riches. Do not forget that you are not alone in the cosmos. Players that are world builders much like you are prepared to collaborate with you or turn into deadly adversaries in weekly challenges.

  • In god mode, the open sandbox world can be altered without restrictions.
  • Numerous alchemical processes to produce new minerals and components for the landscape
  • Trade and travel by land, water, and air
  • Training settlers unlock special skills and transform weak peasants into true experts
  • Clans unite world builders for cooperation and competition
  • Epic tournaments every week