Zombie Tsunami Online


Zombie Tsunami Online is a fun arcade game. In this game, your mission is to control zombies as far as possible and collect more zombies and gold coins.

With simple and attractive gameplay, your task is to control the Zombies to move continuously, destroy their prey, and avoid obstacles such as wormholes, fighters, and mines. The main goal is to travel as far as possible and at the same time, collect as many other Zombies. You will gain more allies if you pass people who you see on your way. Turning humans into zombies also encountered initial difficulties. If the humans are alone or not in the car or whatever, you can easily turn them into zombies. However, if they are in vehicles, tanks, or buses, you need to have enough required zombies to make them assimilate like you. Collect as many and keep that number, do not let any zombies die for any reason.

Pay attention to collecting many gold coins to help Zombie increase your mutant strength! The money you have will be used to buy new items or increase the original number of zombies you have. Along the way, you can also encounter a lot of transforming items. They will help your zombie army easily overcome obstacles without losing any zombies.

Tips for Zombie Tsunami Online:

  • Do not push vehicles that require more zombies than you have.
  • Hold the mouse for a long time so that zombies can jump further.
  • A large number of zombies will slow down and make dodging obstacles more difficult, so be careful with them.

How to play:

  • Use the mouse to play.